What is Yarn Hadoop?

What is yarn hadoop?

YARN Hadoop is one of the main components of the Apache Hadoop tool framework. It stands for "Yet Another Resource Negotiator" and is responsible for managing the resources that make up the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

In addition to this, YARN allows administrators to control access and data that make up the cluster, becoming a key component in processing large amounts of data. All this added to its ability to schedule different tasks that will be carried out on the cluster nodes.

In summary, all the functionalities that YARN Hadoop uses generate growth in efficiency when working on Big Data.

YARN Hadoop allows companies to process huge amounts of data distributed across different computers, as well as manage and administer resources, and schedule tasks.

Among the benefits of using this component in data processing, the following stand out:

- Scalability: Scaling data processing horizontally, allowing more nodes to be added in order to process larger amounts of data.
- Efficiency: reduction of time by planning tasks automatically.
- Flexibility: develop different applications using different programming languages ​​such as Java, Python and R.
- Centralized administration: allows you to manage and manage resources, tasks and applications.
- Distributed processing: performing different tasks on different nodes simultaneously.