Our Technical Recruitment Services

Our Technical Recruitment Services

Finding good software-tech talent is a challenge. Selecting the right people is our core task! At TechieRec we guarantee for you the best results.

Why choose us?

  • Tech-hiring experience: We have years of experience in recruiting tech talent.
  • Tech role expertise: Our clear distinction with regard to the various roles within software development.
  • Tech talent pool: We have an extensive database of candidates, which enables us to find the perfect candidate for every position.
  • Trusted by employers: Our focus is on building long-term relationships based on honesty, integrity, professionalism, and deduction.

What we offer for you?

  • Giving advice and guidance for your posts.
  • Fast searching using our pool and other tools.
  • Screening and selecting suitable candidates.
  • Sending the top batch(es), including tech reports, to start your process.
  • Following up and supporting you for any needs.
  • After-sales support and replacement services.

What is our recruitment process?

  • 1. Register as an employer.
  • 2. Submit your company information and post your jobs to our tech-recruitment team.
  • 3. We will study each posted job carefully to give you complete advice within 24 hours max.
  • 4. We will start the sourcing phase for you. This phase takes up to 2 weeks max (our default is 1 week for most cases).
  • 5. We will batch you the top profiles so you can start your internal hiring process (including the interviews).
  • 6. We will follow up with you throughout the process and support you with any issues until you reach successful hiring.
  • 7. Are you going to hire our first candidate? So let's sign our recruitment contract (First time only) and request our fee.