What is User Experience?

What is user experience?

User experience (UX) is the complete experience of a person when using a product, system or service in the digital environment. It takes care of factors such as aesthetics, web design or the ease for the user to find what they were looking for.

The user experience contemplates the perceptions of these users in relation to how useful, efficient and easy to use a digital product or service can be. This experience encompasses a set of factors and elements related to the user's interaction with a specific environment or device. The result of this interaction is the positive or negative perception of a service, product or device.

The main objective of user experience is to optimize processes so that users find it easier and more intuitive to navigate the website and become potential buyers of the product or service.

Therefore, to establish a good user experience, it is necessary to know what the type of user of our website or digital service is like. From there, establish routes to optimize the existing elements that bring the user closer to our objective in a comfortable and simple way.

User experience is not the same as customer experience. In the case of the first, it refers to the experience that a consumer has after using a product or interacting with a device. In the case of customer, it is the experience that a consumer has, but after interacting with the company from any point of view. This includes all interaction, from the moment of interest for the first time, during the purchasing process and subsequently during the follow-up after the purchase.

We must also know that the user experience is not universal, that is, it will not work the same for all users and in all situations, we must adapt it to the characteristics of our audience. There are no exact metrics either, but it is useful to ask users to find out if the usability of your website works or introduce metrics such as the time they spend on the page or the bounce rate. If we implement a new design and rates improve then we are on the right track.