What is Unity Analytics?

What is unity analytics?

Unity Analytics is a data analysis tool integrated into Unity software, for video game developers to collect information of interest about users in the game, in order to make decisions about monetization and game design.

Through this data collection, developers observe patterns and trends in user behavior with which to make changes and adjustments to the entire video game.

As a game developer or future professional in this field, you should know that there are different reasons why you should integrate Unity Analytics to use it in your game projects:

- Improved decision making: with Unity Analytics, developers acquire valuable information about user behavior in video games, which improves their ability to make decisions regarding possible game improvements.
- Identify problems: By collecting information, developers can identify problems in their development, such as poor performance or underused features.
- Monetization: greater ability to identify spending patterns to adjust strategy and maximize income.
- Easy integration: Unity Analytics is very easy to integrate into Unity software due to its intuitive interface.