What is SAP ERP?

What is sap erp?

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business software developed by the German company SAP SE, which is used to manage and coordinate resources and internal organizational processes. In this way, it considerably improves the efficiency of companies in terms of managing their business processes in different sectors such as finance, accounting, purchasing, sales or human resources, among a wide variety.

Through various modules and functions, companies automate and improve their daily operations, thanks to increased ease in decision-making and collaboration of the entire work team.

Now that you know what SAP ERP is, let's talk about its usefulness:

- Financial management.
- Supply chain management.
- Purchasing management.
- Sales and distribution management.
- Human resources management.
- Project management.
- Analytics and reporting.

SAP ERP works as an integrated business management system based on a client-server architecture.

There are 5 steps when implementing SAP:

- Prepare the project : decide which are the best SAP modules to achieve the objectives, and how to implement them.
- Business Blueprint : tests are carried out on the processes to be followed after the subsequent data collection.
- Start-up : the development environment is created by carrying out different module, unit and joint tests.
- Completion : after the tests carried out, a real production environment is created.
- Support : created to solve all errors that may arise.