What is PHP?

What is php?

To explain what PHP is, we must first explain what its acronym means: Hypertext Pre-Processor. Now we can tell you that behind this name lies an open source programming language widely used in web development and that can be embedded in HTML.

The origins of this programming language date back to 1994 when Rasmus Lerdof decided to write a small CGI in Perl that would help him count the visits that came to his resume.

Its growth since then has been mainly due to the members who are part of the PHP community, who have been developing numerous versions of this programming language.

The PHP language is free to use and allows, following certain rules, to combine PHP code with HTML code in the same file.

PHP is mainly used to create dynamic web pages and this language is processed on servers. Many programmers consider that it is very easy to learn when you are starting out in the sector and that at the same time it offers many advanced features to be able to develop as you work with it.

This programming language also allows you to process information from forms, send and receive cookies, build web applications or create images from data.

PHP is a programming language widely used both nationally and internationally. As there are others that are also in high demand, the opportunities that PHP offers are numerous if what you are passionate about is the world of web programming .