What is Odoo?

What is odoo?

Odoo is a business ERP that integrates many applications and modules to manage a company of different sizes. It allows you to control all areas that affect a business. If you want to know what odoo is and what possibilities it offers, don't miss anything in this article.

Odoo is a powerful tool that consists of a package of applications to globally manage the needs of a medium, small or large company. It is aimed at various activities, from purchasing, sales, accounting, billing, social media management, human resources, payroll and other aspects that this software is capable of managing.

We can say that Odoo is a business ERP that integrates a multitude of applications and business management modules. If you are wondering what an ERP is, we are referring to Enterprise Resource Planning ( enterprise resource planning system). They are programs that are in charge of various internal operations of a company, from production to distribution to human resources.

The objective of an ERP is to centralize all this information in one place where all sectors can access and manage their data. If the data is well synchronized and automated, the execution of the company's activities and its productivity will be more effective.

Odoo allows you to control from a single place all the areas that affect a business and offers updated data in real time from anywhere and this is one of its greatest advantages. In addition, it includes applications such as CRM, Sales, Inventory, Project Management, Financial Management, HR or marketing tools.

Odoo allows you to connect workers, clients and suppliers, access the necessary documentation from invoices to budgets... It is a tool without costs or licenses that is available for free.

The tool has a series of apps that cover all the needs of a company. Introduce SEO tools to optimize the operation of the website, optimize the supply chain, manage the sales cycle in all its processes, create budgets, manage accounting, expenses, accounts, invoices, taxes...

It also allows you to manage warehouse and stock, plan projects, and increase efficiency by knowing resources and expenses. Another functionality is to organize employee information and manage all human resources.

Odoo analyzes the evolution of our business, through reports and analysis with visual graphs and tables. It also allows you to design and manage an online business quickly. Odoo makes it possible to define a customer-focused business strategy with the CRM module.