What is Git?

What is git?

Git is a popular open source version control system. It allows you to control all the changes made to the application and the code. We explain in detail here what Git is and its functionalities.

Git is a tool that performs the code version control system in a distributed way. It is open source, with active maintenance and the most used tool of this type in the world.

Many software projects rely on Git for version control, including commercial and open source projects. This tool was created by Linus Torvalds, the famous creator of the Linux operating system kernel, in 2005.

This system works very well on a wide variety of operating systems and IDEs (integrated development environments). Git has a distributed architecture. Instead of having a single space for the entire version history of the software, typical of control systems such as CVS or Subversion, here the working copy of each developer's code is a repository that can house the complete history of all changes .

Performance, security and flexibility are the foundations on which Git has been designed. It is a very powerful, fast, agile and free software tool. It has a working system with branches that makes it especially powerful. These branches are intended to make divergent projects from a main project, to carry out experiments or to test new functionalities. Each branch can have a different line of progress from the main branch where the core of our development is. We can make some of those improvements or changes in the code and make a merge to our main project.