What is CSS?

What is css?

To explain what CSS is, you must first be clear that a web page is actually a text document in which codes from different languages ​​ are written .

The one that generates the basis to create it is the HTML code and the one that gives shape, color and all kinds of visual characteristics is CSS. So okay, what does CSS mean? Well, it is the language that defines the appearance of a website.

Its acronym comes from Cascading Style Sheets or, in other words, "Cascading Style Sheets." Depending on the set of CSS rules contained in the style document, the presentation of the web page will be one way or another.

How did CSS come about? After the SGML tag language was created, the need arose to find a mechanism to apply to the different styles of electronic documents. Something that intensified with the arrival of the Internet and the growth of the HTML language.

For this reason, the World Wide Web Consortium commissioned the creation of a specific styling language for the HTML language. Of all the proposals there were two that stood out: CHSS and SSP. So the creators of both proposals came together to create a new language that combines the best of both. This is how CSS emerged in 1995 .

Since then, this language has not stopped evolving and publishing versions to adapt to the new digital reality and is currently a key ally for many web developers .