What is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a service that allows users to access different computing resources over the Internet. Instead of investing in resources such as databases, software and hardware, cloud computing allows companies to access their computing power and pay only for the use they make of it.

This cloud computing service is accessible from any place and device, as long as there is an internet connection that allows users to access their data in real time.

For a company, the advantages of migrating data to the cloud are a plus for decision-making. Cloud computing generates great benefits in the development of companies' work, as well as in their ability to interact and share data in real time among all users.

- Elasticity: Elasticity is one of the advantages of cloud computing. It is a feature that allows users to scale horizontally or vertically to meet all their application needs, that is, increase the number of resources and their capacity.

That said, elasticity provides users with the ability to adapt to changes to the website, increase or decrease in traffic, increase in leads, etc.

- Scalability: Scalability refers to the opportunity to increase or decrease the processing and storage capacity of an application.

In this way, companies satisfy their business needs based on work demand, through greater availability and better performance.

Thanks to this feature of cloud computing, organizations have an easier time controlling costs, since they only pay for those resources that are used.

- Availability: Thanks to the availability of cloud computing, the resources it manages are available and accessible at any time.

Availability in the cloud is a great benefit for those companies that need to have online applications and services to carry out their commercial and business operations, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.