What is C#?

What is c#?

When asked what C# is, the most basic and simple answer is: a programming language. But of course, this explanation will not be enough for you. C# has been developed by Microsoft with the aim of allowing developers to create a multitude of applications run on the .NET Framework (a technology that supports the compilation and execution of XML web applications and services).

C# is a simple, type-safe, goal-oriented language. Its syntax is easy to learn and very intuitive, which means that anyone familiar with any other type of programming language can learn to use it in a short time.

C# has its origins in the C language family and its first version, as Microsoft explains, was very similar to Java. In fact, it was created in order to be a viable alternative to this on Windows. Many of its features evolved and improved until reaching the current version.

For example, the C# language now supports the concepts of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism and facilitates the development of software components through several innovative language constructs.