What is an Application Manager?

What is an application manager?

An application manager is someone who manages, maintains and updates applications and programs. Everything with the end goal that the user is satisfied and that the application is easy to use. What kind of applications and programs should you consider? Planning systems, invoice administration or other IT systems that you use within a company. This profession is very similar to the work of a system administrator, with the major difference that an application administrator only works with apps.

Are you wondering what the difference is between an application manager and application developer? You might think that the tasks are exactly the same, but there is a big difference between these two professions. An application developer is responsible for developing the application and also performs maintenance tasks. In most cases, an application manager has nothing to do with the development process. He or she is solely responsible for managing, maintaining, and updating.

But what exactly does an application manager do to keep the user satisfied? He or she listens to the feedback that users give and ensures that problems are solved or ease of use increases. He or she also implements the latest updates and ensures that the application remains functional.

Yet there are two different types of application managers: functional and technical. A functional application manager does not have enough technical knowledge to adjust the application, while a technical application manager does. Is the application not technically managed by the company itself? The functional application manager then collects all feedback and passes it on to the client who implements it in the application.

Below are the tasks of an application manager:

- Research the ease of use.
- Ensure that the application works optimally.
- Implement new updates.
- Devise new applications and improvements.
- Possibly convince customers to purchase the application.