What is a Web Developer?

What is a web developer?

The web developer is the professional who creates websites using different programming languages, such as HTML, CSS3 or JavaScript. He is also the one who makes sure that when accessing a website we see it well and that it works. Functionality and design are very important, so his work is essential.

This professional, specialized in the field of computing, is responsible for programming all the actions carried out on a web page, such as searches or filters. Also, he is in charge of creating the database and providing technical support to everything that the designer has devised.

The web developer must master the HTML language to be able to define the structure of a website. Also, you have to be able to handle CSS to give style to said website. Of course, the more programming languages ​​you know the better, since you will be able to do more things on a website.

Taking into account this general knowledge that this professional usually has, some of his main functions are:

- Design websites and applications.
- Define the graphical interface of the project.
- Maintain the architecture and functionality of any site.
- Work on the back-end of a website to make any configuration changes to it.