What is a UX Designer?

What is a UX designer?

Let's start at the beginning: what exactly is a UX designer? A UX designer is concerned with designing a meaningful and good user experience on websites, software programs, apps and games (UX stands for User Experience). The UX designer does this using tests, user studies, statistics and analyses. This examines how a user experiences certain products. The tests must show, among other things, whether the product is considered meaningful, enjoyable, user-friendly, usable, reliable and functional.

You now know that a UX designer is concerned with the user experience of an application or website. But what else does a UX designer do on a day-to-day basis?

Below are the main tasks of UX designers:

- Analyzing the experiences, wishes and bottlenecks of users, by setting up and executing UX tests.
- Drawing up improvement plans focused on the customer journey.
- Optimizing and generating leads.
- Advising developers and visual designers in the field of UX.
- Developing proposals for prototypes and/or wireframes.

Do you want to work as a UX designer? As a UX designer you can work at commercial organizations or ICT companies, technological companies, media agencies and web shops. If you want to work as a UX designer, it is useful to have some previous education. Consider the following higher vocational or university courses:

- Communication & Multimedia Design;
- Design for Interaction;
- Digital Communication;
- Human Media Interaction;
- Interactive Media Design;
- Information science;
- Interactive Media.

There are also specific courses for UX design. If you want to know what the exact training or job requirements are, you can view our UX designer vacancies . There you can read all the information you need for each vacancy. It is also useful to know which competencies and skills you need per position. Also take a look at our related positions, such as developer, front-end developer or product designer .