What is a System Administrator?

What is a system administrator?

A system administrator is a lifesaver for his or her colleagues. At least, in the digital field, because it is his or her responsibility that the computer systems within the company work properly. For example, if the e-mail server is down or the internet is not working, the system administrator gets to work immediately. Thanks to his or her extensive computer knowledge, the system administrator can solve most problems in no time. This profession is becoming increasingly important, because more and more companies are working digitally. The job opportunities are therefore good.

As a system administrator, you ensure that the computer systems within a company work properly. But how do you do that and what exactly do you do during a working day? In any case, for a properly functioning system it is important that you keep the hardware and software up to date. This is one of the most important tasks of a system administrator. You download and install the latest software updates and thus ensure a modern digital working environment. You also protect the company's network and data with firewalls, virus scanners and other security software. Because of course something can always go wrong, make sure you make plenty of good backups.

In addition, as a system administrator you use your IT knowledge to solve digital problems and implement improvements. You do this in different ways. For example, you help colleagues with technical problems and resolve malfunctions. This way everyone can get back to work as quickly as possible. In addition, management sometimes asks you for advice. As a system administrator, you naturally work with the network on a daily basis, so you know better than anyone where the areas for improvement lie.