What is a Support Engineer?

What is a support engineer?

There's a good chance that you don't know exactly what this function is yet. That's why we'll answer the question right away. A support engineer is someone who solves problems in the field of IT and technology. These are often problems that affect users, customers and clients. For example, if you have security problems or need to perform an update and decide to call your IT partner, there is a good chance that you will get on the phone with the support engineer. He or she listens to the problem and finds a way to solve it, so that you as a customer can use the system again.

You can also compare this position with a helpdesk employee, but in the field of ICT. He or she may do this on location, then we also call this an onsite support engineer.

As we wrote before, the duties of this position can be compared to those of a helpdesk employee. He or she is usually the first point of contact for the user or customer when a problem arises. The most important task is to solve problems so that the user can use the software or hardware again. Problems for which customers call a support engineer if they cannot resolve them themselves? Consider, for example, performing updates, installing security software or virus scanners and problems with storage. This makes the work very diverse. Is the support engineer unable to figure it out on his own? He or she then transfers the customer to another IT employee .