What is a Solution Architect?

What is a solution architect?

Let's start at the beginning: what exactly is a solution architect? 'Solution' means solution, but we are not talking about solutions in general. The solution architect is concerned with designing and implementing IT-related solutions. He or she uses certain software for this, which are very appropriately called 'solutions'. Well-known solutions include SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Salesforce.

This function forms a bridge between business and IT, by identifying what the company needs in the IT field and then solving these problems with a solution. He or she also looks at the company's broad IT structure (also called 'architecture') to see whether the solution fits within it.

This position is somewhat similar to that of an information analyst , but an information analyst is more involved in the business field. In other words: the information analyst analyzes (technical) problems within a company, but the architect provides the solutions. In practice, a job as a solution architect is usually more technical than a job as an information analyst.

It is now clear that you design and implement 'solutions' within this position, but what exactly does a solution architect do on an average working day? This of course depends on the company where you work and how the IT team is composed there. For example, you may consult with managers about improvements that need to be implemented in the IT field. But if you have a large IT team, you'll likely be tasked with making changes and solving problems right away.

Once the problem or area for improvement is clear, as a solution architect you start designing a solution. You develop the software in such a way that the solution meets the wishes of management and the (IT) architecture of the company. After the technical design of the solution is ready, you start implementing the software. You may do this yourself, but you may also manage a team that takes care of the implementation.