What is a Software Engineer?

What is a software engineer?

The most important question is of course: 'What is a software engineer?'. This is someone who works at an IT company and is involved in developing software. Consider, for example, designing and building apps, developing existing computer programs and testing software before the entire company uses it.

In most cases, in this position you will work in a team with several engineers and software developers. The big difference between an engineer and a software developer is that in addition to programming, an engineer is also concerned with design. In most cases, a developer is only responsible for programming.

But what exactly does a software engineer do in a day? This position is concerned with developing software. He or she designs applications, in most cases programs them and then they are tested. The engineer listens to the customer's needs and uses this input to create a design. He or she usually programs the program, but in some cases this is also outsourced to a software developer. Once the program has been fully tested and is in order, a manual is written for the customer so that they know exactly how the program works.