What is a Software Architect?

What is a software architect?

Let's start at the beginning: what is a software architect? You may also know this profession as an IT architect. This is a different name for the same function. A software architect designs various software, such as applications, operating programs or software systems. He or she is responsible for mapping, monitoring and, if necessary, further optimizing software structures. The architect looks at the wishes of the company or client. He or she devises and designs software solutions. Ultimately, the software is built by a software developer or other IT employee .

But what exactly does a software architect do? This position has various responsibilities in the field of software architecture. He or she devises and designs software solutions for companies or clients. After identifying the wishes and needs, he or she devises software that can be integrated into the company. Ease of use is therefore number one during design. If he or she is satisfied with the design and structure, the software developers further develop the software for implementation. The architect keeps a close eye on the process and any adjustments are made.