What is a SAP Consultant?

What is a sap consultant?

The SAP consultant is the professional who helps companies transfer and configure their business processes in the SAP system with the aim of improving them. Depending on its scope of application, its functions vary.

The name of the profession and the computer system is the same as that of the company that manages it, SAP. So before continuing, it is advisable to know the company. Let's go by parts…

On the other hand, within SAP we also have the figure of the SAP analyst. As their tasks may be similar, the analyst is in charge of the information analysis part, while the consultant is a functional user of SAP who, as we have seen, configures and advises on SAP systems.

In SAP consulting, the functions of a SAP consultant are not limited to the software system itself, but to all the documentation that is necessary for each process. Its three main tasks are:

  • Identify the internal functioning of the company
  • Adapt the SAP system to the specific needs of each business
  • Plan specific actions so that the company takes advantage of all the resources of this software
  • In short, the figure of the SAP consultant adapts this system to what each company wants and needs. Thanks to their work, corporations obtain very useful information for decision-making and specific data to be interpreted by the agents interested in them.