What is a Python Developer?

What is a python developer?

Are you not (yet) an IT expert or do you need a memory refresher? Don't worry, we'll start at the beginning. Python is a programming language, just like Java, JavaScript and C#, and it's not just any programming language, in 2023 it is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages ​​in the world. As a Python developer (or Python developer), you use Python, for example, to build the backend of a website or application, program a game or develop software for an AI system (Artificial Intelligence). So you can do all sorts of things with it, which is why many companies use Python.

Python is not only versatile, it is also a simple programming language compared to other languages. The code is quite similar to English, making it easy to read and learn. Another fun fact: the codes in Python are three to five times shorter than codes in Java. This means that you can write code in Python much faster. On the other hand, a program made in Python is often slower than a program made in Java. That's why many organizations use Python along with other programming languages.

As a Python developer you are an expert in the Python programming language. You use the language not only to write code and build websites, but also to perform analyzes and build an entire online system of a company.

Your precise duties as a Python developer depend entirely on the company you will be working for and for which you have been hired. An organization usually hires you as a web developer, software engineer or another IT position and not necessarily as a Python developer. In that case, you mainly use Python to perform your tasks, whether that's building a website or developing software for an AI product. You largely work on the backend of a product, designing frameworks for Python and/or other programming languages ​​and then writing efficient and usable code. Before a product is finished, you naturally test it extensively. If you find bugs, you fix them immediately. Updating the system is also part of your duties.

Were you hired specifically as a Python developer? Then your tasks are probably a bit more analytical. You are the expert in the field of Python, so your knowledge goes beyond that of a general developer. You probably play an important role in setting up a server, platform or even the entire system of an organization. Maybe you focus on integrating AI into your business, or you help front-end developers integrate their work into the Python system of a website or application. In any case, you use Python for all the tasks you take on, because you know the endless possibilities of this programming language better than anyone.