What is a Mobile Developer?

What is a mobile developer?

The name says it all: a mobile developer is a developer specialized in mobile applications. This profession is similar to that of a software developer, with the difference that a mobile developer only develops (web-based) apps for smartphones and tablets. This concerns all kinds of apps, from funny games to useful apps for communicating. It is important that the developer takes into account the different smartphone operating systems, such as iOS and Android, during development, so that the apps run well on all types of mobile devices.

As a mobile developer you design, develop and implement mobile apps. This position therefore has both a creative and a technical side. The further development of existing apps is also one of your possible tasks. Your work starts with an idea. Sometimes you come up with it yourself, sometimes your employer or customer presents an idea. In the latter case, you discuss the wishes and possibilities with the customer. Is the plan clear and do you know (approximately) what you are going to make? Then you investigate how the app will be programmed and what you need for it.

Then it's time for the programming work. If you have knowledge of one or more programming languages ​​(such as Java, JavaScript, HTML, Swift or Objective C), you will be fine. Once the base is in place, perform various tests. Does the app work, does everything look good and how does the app function in different systems? Based on the test results, you make adjustments, possibly in consultation with the client. Satisfied? Then the app goes live. This does not mean that your work as a mobile developer is done, because the app often remains under your management. This means that you regularly check and optimize the app.