What is a Game Tester?

What is a game tester?

As the name suggests, you test different types of games in this function. Usually these are video games and you are detecting technical errors in the game. Programmers and developers often work on a game for years, which can cause them to overlook mistakes. Before the game is released, the game tester plays the game to discover what can still be improved. Which errors exactly are those? That varies. Perhaps certain elements are incorrect. We also call these "bugs". As a game tester you often also work with a questionnaire that you complete afterwards, so that you can report the errors back to the programmers and developers. Basically, in this position you are a video game quality manager .

But what exactly do you do as a game tester? Your job is to find bugs in games. After the game is largely complete, it's your time to shine as a game tester. Often you only know what the game is about, you are given a questionnaire and you have to play the game. You look at all different types of problems. From language errors and possible translation problems to errors in certain game mechanics, such as a moving wall or a character that moves strangely. As a game tester you are extra attentive and have a lot of patience. You play the video game from A to Z and ensure that the quality is good.

As a game tester you play an important role in the process of bringing a new video game to the market. The people working on the game probably don't spot the mistakes themselves anymore. This is because they have been working on a game for years. Thanks to your work, you ensure that all errors are removed from the game. This way you know exactly what the gamer ultimately experiences when they play the game. Because as a game tester you often don't know much about the game, you can look at it with a critical eye. Afterwards, you complete a questionnaire and report all errors and bugs back to the programmers and developers. Are they major mistakes and do a lot of adjustments need to be made? Then there is a good chance that you will have to test the game again.