What is a Full Stack Developer?

What is a full stack developer?

The full stach developer is a programmer who is in charge of handling each aspect related to the creation and maintenance of a web application. For this, it is essential that the full stack developer has knowledge of front end and back end development.

To master these functions you must be able to handle different operating systems and programming languages. This is an all-round professional. A fundamental piece in the web development departments of any company.

Web applications are tools that are accessed through any browser without the need to have a previously installed program.

This is a professional who knows how to design a web application based on UX/UI design principles and who also knows how to program it in all the fundamental aspects for it to work.

Taking this into account, it is normal that this is a profile highly in demand by companies since the full stack developer is capable of establishing strategies for each part of the web development process.