What is a Frontend Developer?

What is a frontend developer?

The frontend developer is a programmer who is responsible for building and laying out everything that constitutes the visible part of a web page, application or system. To do this, he/she uses different tools and programming languages.

These are professionals who work on the interface but who are not limited to designing the graphic part of it, but also study the best ways to make everything understandable and functional for users of the web or app.

In addition to having a good knowledge base and specialized training, frontend developers must be analytical, creative and have a good technical foundation to create interfaces that work. These are the main functions of a frontend developer :

  • Develop with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Maintenance and optimization of websites and user interfaces
  • Create tools and elements that improve interaction with the site on any device or browser
  • Manage software workflow
  • Implement Onpage SEO practices
  • Improve usability for the user
  • Implement new features and processes
  • Turn UX/UI part design into reality
  • Improve website loading speed
  • Ensure website accessibility