What is a .NET developer?

What is a .net developer?

You may know what a developer is. This is an IT professional who develops software, applications, games or websites. The next step is to clarify what .NET is. Very simple: .NET is a framework within which you develop these products. In other words, it is a platform that you use while programming. Actually, a .NET developer is simply someone who uses .NET to program.

Interesting, but what is the difference with other developers? .NET largely runs on Windows and combines different types of software in one package. This means that you choose the most suitable programming language and library (a collection of reusable codes) for the product you are going to develop. As a .NET developer you are quite free in your options. Because you have a lot of software in one place, this speeds up the development process.

As a .NET developer you have a broad knowledge of many different programming languages ​​and you can work with various libraries. The programming language you use most is C#. That is why you sometimes encounter the terms C# developer and .NET developer as synonyms of each other. Yet this is not entirely correct. A C# developer is an expert in the field of the C# programming language. A .NET developer is a developer who works within the .NET framework, but uses different programming languages ​​within that framework.

Which programming languages ​​do you use within the .NET framework? These include:

- Delphi
- Prism
- PowerShell
- C#
- F#
- Visual Basic .NET
- C++.NET
- IronPython
- Vulcan.NET
- Delphi.NET
- J#
- XSharp