What is a Data Scientist?

What is a data scientist?

A data scientist processes large amounts of data from different sources. These sources must be converted into useful information for a company's management. The position is similar to that of a data analyst, but is mainly concerned with processing historical data into information. A data scientist, on the other hand, makes predictions by expanding data and building models. For this, the data scientist must have sufficient IT knowledge, together with the necessary programming skills.

But what exactly does a data scientist do from day to day? A data scientist uses special tools and software to write so-called algorithms. This allows data to be accessed, structured and analyzed. In some cases, a data scientist can also be deployed to make a thorough analysis of business operations to identify the needs of the company.

Tasks of a data scientist:

- Analyzing different types of data.
- Search for opportunities and possibilities in the data.
- Cleaning and processing raw data into usable data.
- Detect irregularities in data.
- Develop algorithms.
- Analyzing and selecting the best statistical methodology.
- Researching and developing options to improve data.
- Managing and optimizing data flows and data analyses.
- Managing a data science team.