What is a Backend Developer?

What is a backend developer?

The backend developer is a programmer who serves to support the functionalities of an application or web page. These professionals focus on the development of the web part that goes on the server side. They use their knowledge to create the general structure and functionality of an application or web page.

In the back end we find an application, a server and a database, elements that the end user does not see, because they operate behind what he uses to navigate and interact. Without backend web pages would not work as they do.

In this context, backend developers need experience and programming knowledge with different languages, although, fundamentally, they usually work with Java. However, it doesn't hurt for these professionals to expand their knowledge and also master Python or Ruby. These are two other programming languages ​​widely used in backend web development.

The differences between backend and frontend programming may seem minimal or diffuse, since both the frontend and the backend are aimed at making an application or web page work. However, they do not have much to do with each other, starting with the programming languages ​​used in each of them. Thus, while in the frontend, on the web, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used, Java is used in the backend.