Why is a Strong Network on LinkedIn so Important for Recruiters?

Why is a strong network on LinkedIn so important for recruiters?

Recruiters and headhunters are busy finding candidates and filling their talent pool. We all know how important a strong network is for a good talent pool. One that produces many qualified candidates and hires. And where better to build a network than on the professional platform LinkedIn?

The most important advantage of maintaining a strong network is that you are working on a proactive strategy. By constantly filling and keeping your talent pool full of relevant candidates warm, you will be one step ahead of the rush and the competition. You no longer have to start an extensive search to find relevant candidates for a vacancy. You have already built a connection with them and can immediately move on to the next phase: matching the candidate with the vacancy! Even more benefits that will help you win the race:

Candidates are more likely to trust someone with whom they have common connections

Even more so than someone they have no one in common with. So you not only fish in your immediate pond, but also in those around it.

LinkedIn is a unique network because every time you connect with one person, you also indirectly contact everyone he/she knows.

That is extremely powerful! Especially when you consider that friends are alike. Even if a large portion of your connections don't fit today, they might one day. So, when you're building your LinkedIn network, it's important to think long term.

A strong and large LinkedIn network is good for SEO (search engine optimization).

When you search on LinkedIn, the people who appear on the first two pages of your search results are the ones who have a "close" relationship with you. So if you have more first-degree contacts than your peers or competitors, you are more likely to appear higher in search results than them.