What is Tech Recruiting?

What is tech recruiting?

Recruitment specialized in tech is an attraction, recruitment and selection process aimed mainly at people who work with software development.

You may be wondering what is a tech area?

The tech area mainly refers to the information technology (IT) sector. Currently, the areas with the most demand in the market are data, programming, development, and also management areas, such as Product Manager, for example.

How is the recruitment and selection process in technology?

Currently, the demand for professionals in this area is increasing. Regardless of the business segment in question, the presence of people specialized in technology — whether they are direct employees or outsourced — is essential for business scalability.

In order for the most suitable professionals to be selected, the Human Resources team must be composed of one or more people who have a prior knowledge of some of the main concepts and positions that are part of this universe.

In this way, it is much simpler to identify whether candidates have the most suitable profile to fill programming and development vacancies.

These people specialized in analyzing candidates in the technology area are called Tech Recruiters , and there are even training courses for this.

What is the difference between tech recruitment and the traditional process?

Technology professionals are increasingly in demand. As they receive numerous proposals at all times, retaining these people becomes a major challenge, after all, the high power of choice entails great flexibility in migrating to other companies.

Therefore, the recruitment and selection process in tech must be different from the traditional one.

Traditional recruiters act in the search for talent to fill vacancies in the organization, selecting candidates based on their personal profile, as well as their Hard Skills and Soft Skills. In this way, the process of recruitment and selection by competences is used, based on the vacancy that needs to be filled.

Tech recruiters, on the other hand, need to be aware of market movements, new technologies and systems most used by competitors, among other aspects that are part of the scenario of constant innovation in the contemporary world.

In addition, it is essential that these recruiters are able to present and show all the strengths of the company to the candidates , which can represent a differential when choosing the candidate.

You also need to think about proposals that go beyond salary — including, for example, profit sharing, benefits, commissioning, development opportunities, flexible hours and everything that is within the company's reach.

The important thing is to keep in mind that, when it comes to the technology area, the candidate is the one who chooses the company, not the other way around.

What are the hard and soft skills evaluated in tech recruitment and selection?

The Hard Skills desired in the tech recruitment and selection process vary according to the role the person will perform. But we can observe some trends from market data.

LinkedIn, for example, provides a tool that allows you to analyze the variation in skills required since 2015, according to location and industry sector. In the software and IT services sector, for example, required skills have changed by around 41% since then. Among the top skills, the following stand out:

  • Operational systems;
  • Scrum;
  • Git;
  • JavaScript;
  • SQL;
  • Node.js;
  • TypeScript.

In general, Programming, Data Science and UX/UI skills tend to be among the most required. It is worth remembering that each technical skill may involve different knowledge, depending on the level of specificity and depth.

However, professionals are not only made of Hard Skills. Among the most valued Soft Skills in the technology sector are:

  • Self-education;
  • Proactivity;
  • Collaboration;
  • Communication;
  • Adaptability.