What is an IT Recruiter?

What is an IT recruiter?

An IT recruiter recruits IT professionals for open vacancies. The role of IT recruiter can be fulfilled on a project basis for an external client, a commercial recruiter, or for the company he/she is employed by, as a corporate recruiter.

The core tasks of a recruiter are:

- Finding the right IT professionals
- Matching the skills and the relevant client.
- Managing the recruitment process interests of the IT professionals with the requirements and expectations between the company, the client, and the IT professional.

The skills that make an IT recruiter successful:

- A thorough understanding of the organization and technology in order to select the right IT professional
- Have an active network of IT professionals
- Listen well, communicate proactively
- Being the catalyst in the application process between the client and the IT professional

Recruiters keep their network in good order by having regular telephone contact with candidates (IT professionals) and customers (companies). Recruitment is constantly evolving. "A recruiter will therefore regularly have to learn new skills in the field of recruitment". Social media and various other digital media sources are regularly visited by recruiters for new candidates that they can place.