What Does Technical Recruiter Mean?

What does technical recruiter mean?

Surely you came here because you want to start working in the technology sector and hire IT profiles and you don't know where to start. If so, then you came to the right place.

I want to tell you, step by step, what you can do to become a technical recruiter and start gaining your first experiences and knowledge.

And attention, at the end of the article I tell you how to train for free. Let us begin!

What is a technical recruiter

First it is important to understand what it means to be an IT recruiter, and actually, you can find this job under different names:

- Tech recruiter
- IT selector
- Tech talent acquisition specialist

And many more...

The title of the role in general will depend on the company or client for which you work, and it will only be a title, since it is much more relevant that you know what the responsibilities or tasks associated with that role will be.

An IT or technical recruiter is a specialist in the selection and hiring of technological talent, that is, he is the person who is in charge of attracting, finding and hiring profiles related to information technologies or profiles that use digital tools.

How is an IT/tecnical recruiter different from a general recruiter?

The IT/technnical recruiter is in charge of looking only for technological profiles, for which, in addition to being trained in good practices in personnel selection, they need to have knowledge of technical terminology, the most demanded profiles in the market and the technologies associated with these profiles.

For example, an IT technical recruiter may be tasked with finding software developers to build web apps or mobile apps, and in order to find, interview, and hire them, they need to understand what technologies they work with and what exactly these professionals do. That way, she can talk to them properly and determine the best strategies to attract them to the company.