Top HR Technologies for the Recruitment and Selection Process

Top hr technologies for the recruitment and selection process

The technology tools used in HR are allies of professionals to improve tasks, experiences and results of selection processes and also people management.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is one of the key technologies for HR, as it helps to solve major challenges in the area.

Artificial Intelligence automates the screening of resumes , allowing it to deal with a large volume of data, reduces process costs and eliminates common biases in the process that can leave good candidates aside.

However, it is important to have a qualified HR professional behind the tool to determine the selection filters for the vacancy, such as the candidates' education and skills.

2. Machine Learning

Another example of technology in HR is Machine Learning. With it, the machine develops a memory based on data from candidates hired in the past.

It assesses what knowledge, skills and competence they had during recruitment and their success in the role, all based on performance, tenure and turnover rates.

From there, this technology performs predictive analysis to select and rank candidates for the next stages of recruitment and selection .

3. Recruitment Chatbot

This tool helps recruiters communicate, which is a sensitive point in the selection process.

The main attribution of the chatbot is to provide real-time and on-demand information to candidates, thus improving their experience in the process. Their duties include answering frequently asked questions about the position, providing feedback and updating the selection process.

4. Video interview

Video call interviews allow footage to be recorded and analyzed later on any device. In addition, it eliminates costs, problems such as physical displacement, schedule delays and long hours of preparation for a face-to-face meeting, benefiting both recruiters and candidates .

5. Online tests and gamification

Some tools allow the application of tests during recruitment. The technology itself evaluates the results and indicates which candidates should move on to the next step, making it a great option for online recruitment .

Along the same lines, virtual and augmented reality has gained space in several segments and can be exploited for recruitment and selection by creating tests or missions for candidates.

This technology helps in assessing candidates' skills such as:

  • interpersonal relationship;
  • logical reasoning;
  • emotional intelligence;
  • strategic thought;
  • ability to focus on a task;
  • organization;
  • communication;
  • ability to work under pressure, among others.

6. Remote work

Many companies had to adapt to new work models. Data from a survey conducted by Microsoft on work trends indicate that 58% of professionals want to adopt the hybrid or 100% remote work model.

Thanks to software, companies are able to monitor and manage information, which makes remote work possible, the big HR trend for the coming years.