Tips for Recruiting Technical Software Developers

Tips for recruiting technical software developers

Finding software developers is hard and difficult work. Hiring good technical developers is much more.

Experience has led me to see that out of 10 processes, at least 1 developer passes the technical filter . Which makes the process extremely complicated.

For this reason, I would like to share 7 tips for recruiting the best:

1. Know your company and what it can offer

As a developer, when participating in recruitment processes, I have had companies that do not know how to express what they do and what they are looking for. They inflate their benefits and the responsibilities of the role to attract the largest number of candidates and in the end they do not respond with what they promised.


Offer what you have with sincerity... companies also make themselves known in their selection processes .

2. Know what you are looking for and the technologies involved

I have seen IT recruiters from good and big companies looking for phython developers. Do your job, do you really think that a good developer will visit your company if you don't even know how to spell the technology that is asking for the position ?

3. Find good search channels

Developers are curious people who want to create and share. If you look for developers on LinkedIn you will probably find them... but why not in a hackathon or on github ? Let's take this last social network as an example: you have the username, geographic location, interests, email, and experience of the candidate.

4. Explain the responsibilities of the role

The most important thing for a good developer is to find a place where you feel comfortable, that uses the latest and that is challenging. Before any filter, explain to them what the position is about, their responsibilities and the challenges they will face and with what technology they will have to solve them.

5. Develop an interview that catches according to what you do

Make the interview fun: ask them about YOUR challenges as a company and see how they solve them compared to your team. Ask questions about their hobbies, about their passions: it will give you access to see if it "clicks" with your culture.

Also, (following point 2 and 4): don't waste time looking for developers with a high ability to remember algorithms if you don't use them . If you interview him using a specific topic (say graph traversal) he will think the position requires it and if it suits his interests he will want to work there. If at the end (already hired) you put a CRUD on him , it will seem boring, a joke, a joke.

Think about it, do you think it will stay? Do you think they will recommend your company to work there?

6. Salary is not a taboo

There's not much to explain. The salary should not be a taboo . If someone asks you how much you offer, tell them. Don't make them waste time with your process, much less lose it yourself.

7. Sell your company

Talk about what your company is like, the challenges it faces and how they solve them using technology. Sell ​​the culture, where they work and how they change the lives of the people who use your product or service and/or how they change the lives of the workers themselves. Many of us are interested in that above the salary.

I hope these tips can help you get more and better candidates for your team. Put them into practice, you will see very good results.