LinkedIn for Online Recruitment: 7 Tips for More Followers of Your Company Page

LinkedIn for online recruitment: 7 tips for more followers of your company page

With a company page on LinkedIn you can show information about your company, post messages, advertise vacancies and also show products or services in a showcase. The more followers your LinkedIn company page has, the easier it is to reach a large, relevant audience. These seven practical tips will help you gain more followers and make your online recruitment more efficient.

1. Ask all employees to create and complete a LinkedIn profile

By specifying the organization as an employer, their profile is linked to the company page and they immediately count as a follower. Please note: not every employee is a copywriter or fully understands social media. Support where necessary.

2. Announce your new business page

For this you can use a separate email message, LinkedIn message or existing newsletter for existing customers and partners. You are essentially announcing a new communication channel. Indicate what they can expect and ask what they would like to receive.

3. Communicate your company page

Mention LinkedIn everywhere you mention your social media channels, such as in the signature of a company email, the newsletter, the footer on the website and of course on the careers pages. LinkedIn also offers useful buttons for this. You can also post a link to your company page in discussions in Groups under your comment.

4. Keep it interesting

Don't be too commercial or too smart, don't send updates too often (several times a week is fine) and make sure the content is relevant to your followers.

5. Use the blog function

With the write article function (" Write an article ") you write a blog on your LinkedIn profile. This allows you to address your audience with valuable insights and refer to your company page.

6. Share a company page post on your own profile

This way, your contacts will see that your company has its own company page with relevant content. By adding a comment you give the message more context and it doesn't feel like spamming.

7. Advertise; You can also promote every message placed on a company page as sponsored content

This also adds a follow button for your company page. Choose messages that already have some interaction (clicks, reactions) to use your advertising budget efficiently. You can also only post vacancies on LinkedIn as an advertisement.