How to Recruit the Best Developers to Your Team?

How to recruit the best developers to your team?

Hiring developers is even more difficult than hiring other specialists. If you want to recruit developers to your programming team or project, you will quickly notice how difficult this task is. Of course, you can always find a cheaper, mediocre developer, but that's a risky decision. The result may be that your project may not be implemented on time, the code written may be of low quality, and many others. So how to find the best ones and convince them that you are worth working for?

Be prepared for questions about your project

During recruitment, you must show the potential employee that you know your project thoroughly. Developers love employers who have a clear plan, are passionate about the project and can answer any questions. If you want to create a new product, the best way to present it to candidates is to outline the concept and create a prototype. You should consider 4 key documents to help you effectively communicate your project: prototypes, project requirements, workflow, and a list of core features/functionality. Thanks to this, Developers will see that you are a serious employer and they will have a chance to understand and be interested in your project.

Determine your budget

Based on your budget, you need to determine the amount you want to spend on remuneration for the developer. If you are looking to hire a developer you must consider two important things. First, based on your budget, you will know what type of developer you can hire. Secondly, by offering fair market rates, you present yourself as an honest employer who understands the market. This will increase trust between you and the developer and ensure that the recruitment process goes your way.

Gain the candidate's trust

Building trust and relationships is paramount to achieving excellent recruiting results. People are more open and willing to cooperate with employers they can trust. One of the best recruiting tactics is to reflect the candidates' language. This involves repeating 2-4 keywords that appeared in the potential employee's statement. Always pause briefly before moving on to the next question - this encourages the developer to expand on the topic. When you notice during an interview that a candidate is particularly interested in a particular topic, pay attention to it. Another way to build trust is to acknowledge up front any negative aspects of the project and potential risks. This makes you look like an honest employer, which actually increases the likelihood of finding the right Developer.

Present yourself as a great manager

Nobody likes working for overly controlling managers. Therefore, it is very important to present your management style at the recruitment stage. This is especially important if you hire developers who value their independence. A great way to make them feel comfortable during the conversation is to ask questions. This will help developers feel at ease and understand that their point of view is important to you. Questions also allow you to subtly establish the agenda of the conversation and the terms of the discussion, while allowing the other party to feel that it is their idea. The best questions to ask are questions that require thought - don't just ask for facts.

And most importantly – always be prepared. If you want to hire a great developer, you need to prepare equally well. If you need support in acquiring talent, please contact us.