How to Become a Freelancer Technical Recruiter?

How to become a freelancer technical recruiter?

This modality is for you if you are a person who likes to have more autonomy and decide how you would like to carry out your processes. In addition, this modality allows you to set your own rules, your price or rates, and your conditions to accept!.

It can be a very good option whether you want to begin gaining your first work experiences, or if you already have fair experience but want to start giving your service independently or create your slef-business.

Now, there are a couple of things you should take care "how to":

- Which tech profiles to work with
- What type of companies to offer your business service to
- What values will your business service have?
- How you will legally work, organize, and pay your required taxes
- How will you stay organized?

I already know in which modality to choose, and now?

Once you specify the modality in which you would like to work and the path to follow, it is essential that you master the "recruitment and selection process". Generally, aimed at the information technology industry.

A good method to do this is to well-understand what the duties of a technnical recruiter are at each stage of the recruitment process.

The technical recruiters will always have different tasks based on to the environment where they work. If you are an IT recruiter, your functions will depend on whether you work as a freelance IT recruiter, if you work in an IT recruitment consultancy, or if you work as an in-house IT recruiter.

In general, this is what a tech recruiter does:

- Relieve the requirements of the hiring manager.
- Prepare or analyze the job description of the profile.
- Sourcing (search for IT talents)
- Interviewing candidates (especially about their soft skills)
- Give feedback throughout the recruitment process
- Coordinate evaluations with the team
- Negotiate with the candidate the offer
- Execute the contract
- Schedule recommendations for talent induction
- Measure, adjust, and update the process indicators

However, these functions will also based on the role limit that has been defined by the management of the company where you work.