Get Started as a Technical Recruiter

Get started as a technical recruiter

The most important thing you should know is that to start working in the area you need to have prior knowledge about the profiles, associated technologies, specific strategies for the technology industry and, above all, good practices in selection.

You may think that getting started in this area is easy, but it really isn't, and it can be very frustrating if you decide to do it without the right preparation. In addition to that said preparation will open the doors to the job opportunities you want.

So how can you start learning? The first thing I could recommend is that you familiarize yourself with:

- What an Effective Recruitment Process Looks Like Today
- Basic terminology and IT profiles

Define in which modality you want to work as a recruiter

There are several ways you can work as a technical recruiter. It may be that you want to work within a company as a corporate recruiter, conducting staff searches for that single company, or it may be that you prefer to work in an IT recruitment agency or consultancy, where you work for different companies and clients helping them with the searches for technological profiles.

Also, you may want to learn how to launch yourself as a freelance recruiter or independent consultant.

And for each of these modalities, there is a different learning path. For example, if you want:

Work as a corporate IT recruiter: the most convenient thing is that you train not only in IT recruitment but also in strategic talent planning, analytics, indicators, quality management and even learn how to create unforgettable onboarding or induction processes for your candidates. This is because corporate IT recruiters tend to have a much more comprehensive role where their only responsibility is not to recruit, but rather they are part of an overall talent strategy within the company.

If, on the other hand, you want to work as an agency recruiter: the most convenient thing is that you add to your training some topics related to marketing applied to attracting talent, customer management and a strong focus on sales and quality of service. Well, in this role you would have a high participation in the face of the client.

Finally, if you want to work as an independent IT recruiter: the most convenient thing is that you have a high commercial focus, and that you not only learn IT recruitment but also learn how to turn your passion into a business and how to scale your service in the future. In addition to how to legally organize for it.

So, as you can see, each modality will create different training needs for you. So let's talk about how you can get started in each of them.

How to get started as a corporate IT/technical recruiter

When we talk about being a corporate technical recruiter, or also called an in-house recruiter, we mean that you work internally for a company, recruiting profiles only for that company. So, the path to obtain a job in this modality, without a doubt, requires that you have formal training in the area and also some experience to start opting for your first opportunities. Also, it is important that you are prepared to have job interviews, that your profile and your CV are adapted to the market and that this can bring you closer to greater opportunities.

It is almost essential that you have an updated LinkedIn profile, which includes all those keywords with which a recruiter could find you, for example: IT recruiter junior, technical recruiter, etc. Don't forget to set your profile to "open to job opportunities" to make it easier for recruiters to find you.

In general, a "LinkedIn profile will help you get a job" if you: constantly update it, add details about yourself, your education and experiences, and add keywords that people can find you with.