Why to Recruit Staffing Agencies?

Why to recruit staffing agencies?

There is an opinion that the services of staffing agencies are intended only for large clients . We definitely cannot agree to this. Although, the choice between your own HR and an agency is largely determined by the scale of the company. Let's consider the problem in more detail.


Most often, a company consists of a director, an accountant and several employees. Either the director himself or the office manager is engaged in recruiting.

If they don't have time to search for employees, a human resources specialist is needed. The services of a recruiting agency can be expensive for a company, but maintaining your own human resources specialist is even more expensive, as these are fixed costs of salaries, taxes, paid resources, and more.

Professional staffing agencies provide a prescribed guarantee for employed specialists and request money only after the employees leave for work.

Small business

As a rule, the company already has its own human resources manager . But all the work falls on him: personnel selection, personnel files, adaptation, document management, and many times the celebration of corporate events.

It copes well with closing linear positions. But when it comes to hiring a narrow specialist with a specific set of skills (for example, programming languages), a different approach is required.

Today's routine affairs take up almost all the time of the sole hiring manager , and he simply cannot find and evaluate the right candidate. Professional solutions are required here, and it makes sense to contact a staffing agency.

Medium and large company

The company has its own HR department, where all functions are distributed. Would the department appear to be able to resolve the issues with closing vacancies? But human resources agencies may be necessary here too!

Most of the time this happens when there is a need for professional hiring. When full-time recruiters cannot cope with the search for a specialist with the required qualifications (IT, sales , marketing, top management) for a long time, recruiting agencies can solve the problem.

More benefits of staffing agencies

  • You don't have to manage payroll
  • Quick Hiring
  • You can test a candidate by hiring them temporarily before hiring them permanently
  • Hiring risks are reduced
  • Greater flexibility and reduction of bureaucratic and legal procedures