What is a Staffing Agency?

What is a staffing agency?

Staffing agencies - named also as recruitment agencies - are companies that offer external services to find ideal candidates for employers. They are responsible for connecting talents with available vacancies in organizations. They always work together, managing to guarantee the minimum requirements and transmitting the wishes of both parties.

This is done with the purpose of saving time, costs and also accessing opportunities, a little beyond the network of contacts that the employer's advertisements can reach.

Depending on the requirements you need for vacancies in your company, there are many options you can go to.

Advantages of having a staffing agency

  • You will immediately obtain significant savings in time and costs, even more so with the additional support of a selection consultant.
  • You will receive advice on making decisions regarding new incorporations and thus increase successful selection processes
  • You will be able to focus on what adds the most value to your business, while the agency works for you
  • You will achieve complete optimization and management of the workforce
  • You will have at your service specialists and qualified professionals with experience who will implement the knowledge of a personnel consultancy in your organization.

Main services of a staffing agency

  • Analysis of the characteristics of the job offer, as well as its contextualization in the company
  • Compilation, classification and analysis of the resumes received
  • Evaluation and preselection of candidates with the level of quality required by a personnel company
  • Selection and presentation of finalists to the company to make the final decision