Types of Talent Staffing Agency

Types of talent staffing agency

Different staffing agencies specialize, or not, in various professions or industries. But generally, these are the most common types:

Traditional staffing agencies

One of the most common that we can find, where they help talents find employment and in turn help companies find personnel. These usually specialize in a specific sector, such as marketing, legal, sports, among others.

Contingency staffing agency

In charge of being a contingent for your vacancies, they are specialists in helping you with permanent hiring.

Agencies for retained search

Special to carry out largely specific hiring. They are used for searches at an executive or higher level of the company. Everything exclusively. Some usually target passive candidates to attract them to your vacancy.

Temporary staffing agency

As their name indicates, they can find talent to fill vacancies that are temporary, to solve an inconvenience, during tax season or fill a free vacancy due to vacation/sickness. They are good for short-term hires.

Now, for large-scale hiring projects, it will always be useful to outsource your hiring , it will give a more efficient approach to your business.