Tips When Working With a Staffing Agency

Tips when working with a staffing agency

If you have already decided to hire staff through a staffing agency, we present these recommendations so that the relationship runs as smoothly as possible and you can complement your team with the staff you need.

Speak clearly about what you need

You have to be clear about the type of professional your business needs in order to be able to transmit it to the employment agency. Talk about the type of project you are going to develop, the business culture and the work environment, all this data will help the staffing agency to recruit the most suitable profile.

Follow up

Once the new employee joins your team, track their performance daily and weekly and keep the staffing agency up to date, so that each party knows how this integration is going or if the resource measures up.

What if things don't work out?

No matter how good the work environment is or whether the staff hired is the most experienced, many times things do not go well because there is no compatibility between the parties. If this happens in your company, obviously you have to communicate it to the staffing company, so that they can evaluate what happened and recruit another resource for your project.