What is Software Development?

What is software development?

Software development is the display of information through an app, progressive web app, web application, software system or the like. This can be done through the internet, but it is also possible to set this up only through closed environments that are not accessible to the outside world.

When people think of software development, most people have visions of smart programmers typing complicated, incomprehensible codes that then create an ingenious software product. Software development is indeed the process followed to create a software product.

Software is not a physical product, but a collection of code. This code is installed on the hard drive of your computer or can be accessed through your web browser. An example of the first software is the Microsoft Office package. You install these programs on your computer and when you want to use them, open the program itself.

Software that can be accessed through the web browser is also called a web application. The advantage of a web application is that the program does not have to be installed on your computer, but is directly accessible through the web browser with your login details. So you can also use the software on other devices.

The advantages of software development for Start-ups, Scale-ups and Corporates at a glance:

  • Process optimization and/or automation
  • Cost reduction
  • Precise control
  • Increased quality in services
  • More insight into data

One thing is clear, software development involves several things. It's not just the smart programmers and incomprehensible codes. On the contrary, they are different phases that go through design, construction, testing and maintenance.