Full-time IT Specialist or Outsourcing?

Full-time IT Specialist or Outsourcing?

The choice between employing a full-time IT specialist and IT outsourcing should be made taking into account several key aspects:

  • costs incurred,
  • continuity of service provision,
  • service quality,
  • data and knowledge security.

When deciding to employ an IT specialist, the entrepreneur incurs not only the costs of his salary, but also the costs of preparing the position and purchasing equipment for work. In the case of IT outsourcing, the company pays a predetermined amount for the service, which allows for better budget planning. Therefore, IT outsourcing often turns out to be cheaper than having your own employee - the entrepreneur does not have to spend money on taxes, contributions or other benefits resulting from the contract, organize workplaces or invest in training and improving the qualifications of the subordinate.

When hiring a full-time IT specialist, you should also bear in mind that he is not always available. It is important to remember that an employee performs his duties at specific hours, may go on sick leave and has the right to vacation during the year. In turn, IT outsourcing ensures continuity of service provision and support in virtually every situation - especially a crisis that may occur on the weekend or after standard working hours.

Another aspect to consider when choosing between hiring an IT specialist and outsourcing IT is the quality of service . If the employer does not have sufficient IT knowledge, it will be very difficult for him to hire the right person for this position. If the choice turns out to be incorrect and the employee does not properly perform the assigned tasks, the entrepreneur must again devote time to recruiting and implementing a new person. In the case of IT outsourcing, the quality of service is supervised by an external company - it checks whether the services are provided at the appropriate level.

Another important issue is the fact that when we employ a full-time IT specialist, we entrust him with all the knowledge about the infrastructure . When an employee leaves the company, he or she takes all the information he or she has with him or her. The external company collects all necessary data regarding technical specifications and reports on performed tasks. Thanks to this, even if the person assigned to service a given company leaves his job, becomes ill or goes on vacation, the specialist replacing him has full knowledge of the client.

What can you gain by choosing IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing brings a number of benefits for the entrepreneur, including:

  • professional IT service,
  • flexible forms of cooperation,
  • high quality of IT services provided,
  • increasing data security,
  • access to a group of qualified specialists,
  • quick implementation of IT solutions,
  • access to the latest technological solutions,
  • reduction of costs that would have to be incurred in connection with running an internal IT department,
  • work optimization thanks to the implementation of new solutions,
  • increasing the company's efficiency and the ability to focus on its development.

It is not without reason that IT outsourcing is called the service of the future. Both full and partial IT services can solve staffing problems while allowing for cost optimization. IT outsourcing has a number of unquestionable advantages that many companies can only benefit from.