What is ICT?

What is ict?

Information and communications technology (ICT) is a field that deals with information systems, telecommunications and computers.

ICT can be seen as an integration of information technology with communication technology. ICT is a very broad area that goes beyond just the home computer. Just think of smartphones, tablets, servers, the internet, televisions, robots, the ATM, Facebook, the cash register in a store, and much, much more. Nowadays you see ICT everywhere in your environment. At the bus stop, at schools, at companies, in the car, etc. It often makes our lives a lot easier, but we are also becoming increasingly dependent on it.

What does ICT include?

- Developing and managing systems, networks, databases, games and websites.
- Maintaining computers and software
- Writing software

The future of ICT

Few realize that ICT is present almost everywhere today and the need for its use continues to increase. In the future, more and more technological developments will take place in ICT, such as automation, robotization, Industry 4.0 and the rise of machine learning. Organizations will become increasingly dependent on ICT through the use of apps, software, but also through other technological developments.

The ICT sector has developed rapidly in recent years. This development not only increases the importance of ICT, but also the market. The ICT sector is currently already very large and will continue to grow in the future. More and more people will therefore start working in the ICT sector. In general, IT professionals are better educated. Logical and mathematical thinking is very important in a position within the IT industry.

Skills and properties within the ICT sector

- Work accurately
- Communicative
- Creatively
- Be patient
- Eager to learn
- Puzzling how business likes to work best and fastest
- Being able to speak/understand English well, as that is the main language in the IT world