How to Plan for Proactive IT Recruitment?

How to plan for proactive IT recruitment?

The start of the new year is a reason for many people to change careers. IT people also think about their tomorrow. How do you consider this as an employer? We give 5 tips to help with planning proactive IT recruitment and selection at the start of the new year.

1. What kind of talent are you looking for?

A defined job profile makes clarity for both employer and prospective employee. Such a profile helps you write a powerful job vacancy text. Both job seekers, recruiters and employers need to understand the text immediately, so avoid jargon as much as possible. Don't copy anything from other similar job postings.

  • Which skills' levels and competencies are the minimum required? Don't scare off interested parties with an endless list. Be more flexible if there are not enough talents.
  • Also consider soft skills such as reliability, a positive attitude and self-motivation. Name desirable character traits; personality traits that fit the company culture.

Consider salary to exclude under- or over-qualified candidates.

2. Approach IT professionals on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best channel of choice for recruitment. With the right keywords you will get profiles of IT professionals with specific skills, competences and character traits. Do you have a LinkedIn premium account? Search by work experience, interestsor location. Do you have a profile in mind? Approach him or her carefully. Annoyances can arise if you don't.

3. Use your own employees to find suitable IT candidates

Referral recruitment encourages staff to come up with recommendations for open positions. A motivated and involved employee is a brand ambassador in this context; he or she strengthens your good reputation as an employer. A recommended IT specialist no longer has to go through a long selection process. Referral recruitment is less time-consuming and is cheaper due to that.

4. Also search outside

Even if it takes more effort, time and money; recruiting across the border can offer a way if you can't find anyone in the target region or other parts of your local zone. Have you found a suitable tech professional abroad, but have you not yet been able to convince him or her? Offer housing support or support your new hire's partner find a job.

5. Be findable online for tech professionals

  • Has a careers page or special subdomain with a job vacancy section been set up?
  • Has attention been paid to your core values ​​and company culture?
  • Do you let your staff members speak?
  • Is all content both substantively and visually stimulating?
  • Which keywords have been incorporated in your job vacancy texts and job descriptions?

A job vacancy page must be able to be found quickly by (job-seeking) IT talents/professionals. Make URLs that are SEO-friendly and incorporate keywords into page and feature titles, descriptions, and other related content. Also let people know through social media that there is an IT job vacancy and make subscribing as easy as possible. Choose suitable channels and keep your supporters informed. Neglecting these channels is disastrous for your reputation among tech talents and IT professionals, so ensure continuity.