Application Questions for IT Professionals

Application questions for IT professionals

Successful business owners, HR managers and recruiters team know to look beyond the technical qualifications of an IT professional. After all, taking initiative and soft skills are just as essential. Do you want to hire top candidates? With these 6 application questions for IT you will get the help to separate the wheat from the chaff.

1. What drives you to sit at the computer every day?

Intrinsically motivated IT people do not work just for the money. The love for the career drives them. This first question provides fundamental insights into how a talent is put together.

  • Is this career your passion? Can't imagine anything else?
  • Did your interest in code, software and algorithms start so early or has it steadily increased?
  • Do you also program in your spare time?

Not every IT professional is equally exuberant or extroverted. So pay attention: non-verbal marks sometimes say more than the answer to your question.

2. Which qualities do you think are most important for this position?

The answer to this question reveals how the interviewee feels about the job and how they would fill the position. One focuses on tech skills and IT certificates, another one talks about problem solving, attention to detail, communication and other common skills. Select candidates that provide a good balance between the two.

3. Which sources do you consult when doing your work?

Which websites, online communities, podcasts and social medi do you consult to stay informed about related developments in your career? Do you also publish yourself online? The answers to these questions inform you to what extent a candidate is involved in his/her field, industry and IT in general.

4. What are the pros and cons of working in an agile environment?

The response to this question not only informs you something about the level of knowledge, but also about a person's attitude towards cooperation and communication. Most IT teams have adopted some agile form. Think of the familiar Scrum method, with lots of fast meetings and a steady stream of feedback from fellow team members. Software development requires teamwork between software developers and the rest of the team. Good professionals respect colleagues, offer aid and try to resolve conflicts constructively.

5. How do you keep your technical skills updated?

  • Does the candidate/applicant follow online training(s)?
  • Does the candidate/applicant spend free time programming or troubleshooting?
  • What does this IT the candidate/applicant want to specialize in?

With these questions you gauge a candidate's enthusiasm and begin a conversation about professional development. IT professionals work hard to keep their knowledge base updated. They read blogs and forums, participate in hackathons and perform personal projects.

6. Can you explain [name relevant technology] in simple terms?

Tech professionals must be able to explain complex technology; the ability to communicate with non-technical persons is a must. Ask some "dumb" follow-up questions to see if the candidate has mastered this skill. Does the applicant use obscure acronyms (abbreviations) and jargon?