What is Human Resource Management?

What is human resource management?

Human Resource Management describes the optimal deployment of employees (= resources) with the aim of contributing to the success of the company.

The HR manager is responsible for managing and developing employees so that they can perform their work with dedication and efficiency. The HR manager is an intermediary between management and staff.

The most important HRM activities are:

- Providing resources, such as planning staff deployment through e-recruiting, a performance review , promotion, transfer, development and dismissal
- Bonus or reward systems, such as compensation
- Structuring and organization of work
- Influence of employees in the company through direct participation

Determine at an early stage how you want to position yourself in the HR department in order to properly carry out HRM activities.

Think of the HRM architecture as a building. The business strategy is the roof. Immediately below this is the qualitative and quantitative personnel planning. The HR manager's task is to manage the personnel groups according to strategic importance and availability.

You develop individual measures for each staff group on the following topics:

- Recruitment and personnel selection
- Training and development
- Performance review
- Remuneration policy
- Further measures