What is an HR Manager?

What is an hr manager?

HR manager is an employee advocate, administrative expert, strategic partner and change agent. This sounds like a mouthful, but we'll explain it briefly.

First, research has shown that satisfied employees are more productive. It is therefore one of the main tasks of an HR manager to keep employees satisfied. An HR manager does this by listening to them and making their wishes known to management.

In addition to just performing HR tasks, HR managers must also be concerned with personnel administration. Salaries must be paid on time, absenteeism must be tracked and the like.

Acting as a strategic partner involves identifying business objectives and translating them into an actionable plan related to the workforce. Consider ensuring the correct occupancy rate of employees and checking whether each employee does what is expected of him or her.

Finally, an HR manager is also concerned with changes within a company or organization . For example, if a company changes location because they are experiencing significant growth, employees may have problems showing up to work on time. The change agent role of the HR manager means that the HR manager will guide this process and provide solutions.

What is the duties of an HR manager?

The HR manager is the person responsible for the personnel policy of an organization or company. The HR manager ensures that all employment relationships run smoothly. The HR manager does this by dealing with the following tasks:

- Drawing up a human resources strategy and implementing it. This is done in collaboration with management in order to translate management policy or personnel policy into concrete procedures for employees.
- Arranging and controlling the personnel administration. Consider arranging everything regarding salaries, leave, illness and dismissal.
- Conduct internal communication with staff and managers.
- Dealing with recruitment and selection, but also with dismissal, outplacement and promotion.
- Maintaining relationships with trade unions and organizing social elections.