How to Post a Tech Job That Attracts Talents?

How to post a tech tob that attracts talents?

Tech professionals have a huge selection when it comes to job posts. You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of the best talents. This is why it is so crucial in the world of online recruitment to prepare an attractive and engaging job description and the entire recruitment process. 

Create a profile of your ideal talent

Applying for a job is like making a purchasing decision. By clicking "APPLY", the talent hopes to get a job that will help him realize his plans and goals and develop in the areas that interest him. To make this happen, write down what is important and what the desired and ideal talent should be—not only from your perspective but also from the perspective of the manager or the team with which he will work. What might be his professional goals and plans? What technologies should he know about? What tools should he have experience with? 

Creating a talent profile will allow you to build the right advertisement, both in terms of technology stack and soft skills.

Use commonly accepted job titles, referring to the competence and level of experience of the talents

Creative job titles such as Java Ninja or Central Tactics Expert are unique and catchy, but they will not provide you with much reach and traffic for your ad. Consider SEO, and use job titles that people type into Google. Thanks to this, you will not only get more traffic and visibility, but every visitor to your ad will immediately know whether it matches their preferences, skills, and experience.

Describe your company and the projects you implement in an attractive way

Your work does not end with preparing the job description. Tech specialists, just like talents for less technical positions, want to work in companies that suit them, have a friendly atmosphere, and have a supportive team of people. Do not copy the company description from the "About Us" tab on the website. Take some time and write why someone should join your company, what a talent can expect, what projects you are implementing, and describe the team you are looking for people for. 

Conduct a short interview with the CTO or leader of the team you are recruiting for; this will give the talent deeper knowledge of who he will cooperate with and what he will create. To attract the attention of really good tech specialists, create a company profile. Prepare attractive project descriptions and attach photos showing the inside of the company and team. Thanks to this, you will not only attract more applicants but also strengthen the employer brand. 

Describe the benefits for talents concisely but comprehensively

The job offer must include not only the requirements you have for the talent and the job description, but also all the benefits for the potential employee. Both in terms of professional development and training, but also additional benefits such as remote work, sports memberships, etc. Try to include answers to the questions in the description of the benefits: how can the talent develop in the company, what non-wage benefits can he expect, what does the employer offer in the context of training and funding, how to develop, and what a potential talent can achieve in a given position. 

Indicate the requirements in the job offer clearly and realistically

Try to make the requirements you set for the talent clear and realistic. You don't want to scare good talents by bombarding them with walls of text and unclear expectations. Specify exactly how many years of experience you expect, list the skills that are must-have and nice-to-have for you, and define which technologies talents must know. Use ready-made tech ad configurators to group information faster and more easily. Thanks to this, the announcement will be transparent, understandable, and encouraging to read further. 

Include a competency test in your tech advertisement

Many advertisements look similar, and there is nothing distinctive about them, but remember that you are fighting for the attention of a small group of talents. To stand out among many other job offers for tech positions, add a short gamified competency test to your ad. It will not only allow you to quickly assess the talents' initial competencies but also check their motivation and commitment. Proactive talents will have no problem taking 15 minutes to complete a short test.

Collect feedback from talents about the tech job post

Remember who you are writing job posts for. Try to collect feedback from talents at every stage of the recruitment process. Ask them what they like about the advertisement, what made them apply, and what is missing in the job or company description. Improve your ad on an ongoing basis based on talents' opinions. Adjust your advertisements to the changing expectations in the employee market and to the habits of talents. Take care of an unforgettable talent experience. Listen to talents, and you will convince them to choose your company.